and now, a word . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . about our sponsors

Yeah, yeah we know most of us want to skip the commercials. However these are just heartfelt comments about people we know who happen to be in business and are sincere about building opportunities to help a small town thrive. We appreciate our sponsors at Sallal Grange, Snoqualmie Arts Commission, Snoqualmie Valley YMCA, Danny Evatt – REALTOR®, & Imagine Housing. Thanks to their financial contributions, Snoqualmie Arts Market is off to a strong start and moving forward to more years of enhancing tourism, supporting small independent businesses & creating jobs.

SETH TRUSCOTT VALLEY RECORD  Staff Photo Dave Mayer, founding director of Snoqualmie Valley YMCA, voted “Best Organization to Join” for 2012, says the Y helps build values and skills in young people.

Staff Photo
Dave Mayer, founding director of Snoqualmie Valley YMCA, voted “Best Organization to Join” for 2012, says the Y helps build values and skills in young people.

Dave Mayer, founding director of the Snoqualmie Valley YMCA, is a person who’s quick to put his support behind projects he believes in. Fortunately for the organizers of Snoqualmie Arts Market, Mayer is enthusiastic about our goals; and can envision the possibilities of partnering with SAM in building our community. Recently named ‘Best Organization to Join‘ in a Snoqualmie Valley Record, readers poll, the Snoqualmie Valley Y is all about strengthening community. “We do this intentionally with programs that center around Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility,” remarks Mayer. “We work side-by-side with our neighbors throughout the Snoqualmie Valley to help kids and families thrive—and apply their positive behaviors and goals at home, school, the workplace and beyond. Being healthy means more than simply being physically active,” Mayer says. “It’s about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind and body.”

Danny Evatt – REALTOR® art loving, snappy dressing, local real estate agent with a great sense of humor, good eye for staging homes, and a style as cool as his Texas drawl. He may be from the Lone Star state, but Snoqualmie has a big part of his heart. He knows this community, because he’s involved in it.
After hearing about the Arts Market–he offered a contribution–we didn’t even have to ask. We’re not just kissin up because he gave us money. Here’s what people who gave him money have to say…..

excerpted from 5-star review in Yelp posted 7/18/13 by Dan R. of Mercer Island
We were nervous buyers, mostly uneducated and asked an insane amount of questions. We were on the needy end of the spectrum in relation to most home-buyers….in the knowledgeable and extremely capable hands of Danny Evatt.

Danny is a local to the Snoqualmie area (a fact that was pivotal in his understanding of why we wanted to live on the Ridge). He knows the roads, the geography, the school districts and truly understands the appeal of the area. Danny was never pushy. He understood our limits and boundaries and worked well within them. If he upsold us, it was so suave and indirect that it should be applauded. Danny was able to speak in a language that we understood and never felt insulting. He enabled my wife and I to purchase our first home with an ease that was completely unexpected.

All casual praise aside, the brunt of reason why we are recommending Danny is because he got to know us as people- not just buyers. This enabled Danny to fight for what we needed, wanted and desired. We have been closed on our home for nearly a month and Danny still checks in via text messages. Danny is a good guy with clear cut morals who can adapt and understand his prospects. He is damn good at his job

IMAGINE HOUSING makes it possible for nearly anyone to imagine living in a safe, stable and picturesque neighborhood like Snoqualmie Ridge.
As the only nonprofit organization in East King County dedicated solely to developing affordable rental homes for low income families, Imagine Housing empowers individuals and families, supports diversity and strengthens economic vitality in communities throughout the Eastside.

In 2013 Imagine begins development of Timber Falls on Snoqualmie Ridge, which will offer 160 apartment and townhome style dwelings.

For more information about affordable housing in East King County visit the Imagine Housing website:

Birth of an Arts Market

This may sound cliche, but Snoqualmie Arts Market (SAM) all started with a dream–well maybe more like a longing. As a downtown Snoqualmie resident without a car I catch Metro or SVT (Snoqualmie Valley Transit–more about them in another post) to North Bend Farmers Market or local grocery stores to buy produce. Oh, how I longed to walk to a market in my neighborhood for the beautiful produce that seemed to be denied me. That longing was the first spark for SAM.

The spark was ignited in a conversation with friend Sally Rackets of the Snoqualmie Arts Commission which became SAM’s first sponsor. We spoke about a venue in downtown Snoqualmie that would showcase the beauty and bounty of our local arts, crafts, & food (especially the fresh produce I longed for). Lady of action Sally is, she asked me to give her a project outline, I did, she passed it on to city manager Bob Larson and a few days later I was in a meeting with staff from Snoqualmie Planning and Parks departments. Sally also invited me to speak about the project at a Snoqualmie Arts Commission meeting and before I left that meeting, I was promised a grant of $500 to get SAM going. WHAT!? Well, I had to get serious in a hurry. There’s a lesson here–don’t talk to Sally Rackets about a dream, unless you are serious about making it a reality.

Fortunately, I’m a member of the Sallal Grange (more about them in another post), which is like being a member of family. I presented the idea at a regular business meeting and BAM there was another sponsor–a primary sponsor, a sponsor so important that this Market may not have happened without them. Here’s another lesson–if you’ve got dreams you want to make happen, join a group, like the Grange.

OK, now it’s on and I had to get real serious. I’m also a Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce member and active in the Downtown Merchants Association. I knew several people through those associations, so I asked them for help. Dave Mayer from the Snoqualmie Valley YMCA was the first to get back to me with an enthusiastic response to the idea and a check. I was in a phone conversation about something unrelated with friend and realtor Danny Evatt; and when I brought up the market, he contributed another check. I had met Marchelle Mertens at a Downtown Merchants meeting. She was making a presentation about the affordable housing complex being developed on Snoqualmie Ridge by Imagine Housing. I was impressed by her presentation and thought “why not ask her?” I did, and her company contributed more funds.

Lesson #3–get involved in your community–it can help you out when you need help.

In the midst of all the fundraising and organizing, so many others contributed in many ways, Lanice Gillard of Snoqualmie Arts Commission and Thin Pig Media contributed photography and muscle, Bill Shaw and Seth Truscott from the Snoqualmie Valley Record gave us great press coverage, proving the importance of local media. Staff from Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Snoqualmie merchants like Sahara Pizza, Snoqualmie Falls Brewery & Taproom, Wendy & Bryan from Carmichaels Variety, Wes and Sharon from Snoqualmie Falls Candy Factory, Rachelle from Bindlestick, Big Star Studio on Snoqualmie Ridge and local musicians have all contributed to make this project a success. Snoqualmie Arts Market has evolved into a wonderful cultural resource truly created from the ground up by community for community! This is not the last time you’ll hear from us. Stay tuned to this blogsite and the SAM’s facebook page for news about lifestyle & cultural events this fall and Winter. And, look forward to seeing our outdoor market again next summer.

Kim Ewing, Snoqualmie Arts Market dreamer and organizer