Snoqualmie Arts Market: POWER OF PLACE

Snoqualmie Falls in Winter

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The Snoqualmie Arts Market blogsite is designed to serve as a place from which you can navigate the sights, sounds and spirit embodied by the wondrous little city of Snoqualmie, Washington



The natural power that connects the town’s past to its present and future is the magnificent Snoqualmiei Falls, pictured above in its winter coat.  In September 2009, after a long hard battle by the Snoqualmie Tribe to have one of their most sacred places federally recognized, Snoqualmie Falls is now one of the few Traditional Cultural properties in Washington state to be listed on the National Register of HIstoric Places.  

Snoqualmie Arts Market upholds an uprising of history, art, and culture within the heritage district of downtown Snoqualmie. In this place, embraced by forest, river and mountains, our culture took root and continues to thrive.

Working in concert with city of Snoqualmie Arts Commission, independent merchants, farmers, storytellers, artists and artisans, SAM’s goal is to showcase downtown Snoqualmie as a vibrant and growing cultural center which preserves our folkloric legacies while working to propel them into the stories of our future.


VISIT AND TOUR SNOQUALMIE                            
The fall and early winter are wonderful seasons for touring Snoqualmie like you live here and living in Snoqualmie like a tourist. Narrative & photos on this page offer an insider’s look at the town–pointing out places and sights to see, destinations to visit, a few historic references, and resources to help you visit and tour Snoqualmie to the fullest extent of exploration and discovery. On this page, you can view and download a copy of the Downtown Snoqualmie Walking Tour Map.


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