Welcome to Snoqualmie Arts Market

Hello Fellow Travelers,

Welcome to the Snoqualmie Arts Market (SAM) blogsite, designed to serve as a place from which you can navigate the sights and sounds, tastes and talents, people and places in the wondrous little city of Snoqualmie.

The artwork/logo we are using for our blogsite this season is by Snoqualmie Valley artist Audrey Zeder. For us, this vibrant watercolor reflects beautifully our seasonal theme of WanderFall. Thanks to Audrey for free use of this image in launching SAM’s fall season. To view more of her work visit
mtsiartistguild.org and click Artists’ Gallery.

So it’s time to begin our seasonal transformation
—from bountiful harvest to hibernation.
SAM is set to be a part of it all by hosting a series of events called WanderFall.

WanderFall is SAM’s way to promote the beauty of Snoqualmie’s landscapes & vistas, the bounty of the land, and the creative talent that is nurtured by our environment. WanderFall is designed to inspire us out of doors to explore winding roads, ramble along riverbanks, and admire the spectacular colors created for this season.

As our local harvest begins it’s shift from sun sweetened berries
to crisp apples and apple crisp, we are ready by nature to answer the call
and turn to slow cooked comfort food of fall. The burgers grilled this summer become richer & plumper, fast food becomes slow food, and there’s just more food—as we pile on the layers, not unlike the squirrels, in preparation for winter’s hushed pace.

The time to hunker down is still a few months away,
so let’s relish fall’s bounty, and get out to play.

Stay tuned to “People, Places & Posts” to learn about interesting events, ‘must see’ places and cultural/lifestyle destinations around Snoqualmie and Snoqualmie Valley.

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